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Randy Hanzlick Posted: 1/11/2016 8:52:06 AM
Subject:Any Things Worrisome About A Portion of the Lake?

I am looking at houses out near the Timberlakes area off of Amick Ferry Road. Is there anything notable, worrisome, "notorious" or otherwise worth knowing about the Lake and shore in this area? In other words, any tips or precautionary advice? Is there anything one should know about the water depth, bottom surface,  or quality of the water in this area compared with other areas of the lake?

smitty Posted: 1/16/2016 7:44:05 AM
Subject:Any Things Worrisome About A Portion of the Lake?

It's very hard to answer such a general question like the one you are asking. I am not really sure what type of lake property (i.e., second home-long term/short term, primary residence, rental property) you are looking for. First of all, I am not an Agent, but I have helped several friends locate and buy Lake Murray property. Each lot/home must be evaluated individually for your purpose and its value. I know of no adverse issues or conditions in the Amick Ferry Road/Timberlake area of Lake Murray. This area remains pretty remote and requires a fairly long drive back to Chapin for shopping. This location is about Mid-Lake, so you can enjoy both ends and both sides (Chapin/Lexington) of lake. I might consider helping you located something, if interested. - I am not an Agent!!