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The story of our Lake Murray fish attractors

Lake Murray Fishing Attractor Lake Murray fishing is better then ever as yesterday’s Christmas trees have become today’s eco-friendly Lake Murray fish attractors. Twenty one Lake Murray fishing sites have had been improved by submerged clusters of discarded Christmas trees. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ Freshwater Fisheries Section managed the project in an effort to provide organic habitats for all of our underwater neighbors. In correspondence with lakemurray.com, SCDNR’s Hal Beard reported that “This year, ten of the sites received refurbishment involving the placement of 335 trees. In addition, one new fish attractor (#22) was constructed and damaged buoys were replaced at two other sites.” The DNR bound multiple trees together into clusters, attached enough cinder blocks to hold them in place on the lake floor, and then distributed them to locations all over Lake Murray. Mr. Beard tells us that “Due to the time and manpower required to maintain the fish attractors, refurbishment is conducted on a rotational basis, with approximately half of the sites receiving new tress and buoy maintenance every other year.”

The precise locations of the Lake Murray fish attractors are listed below and can be viewed on www.lakemurray.com’s exclusive geo-coded Lake Murray map. Though the SCDNR currently has no plans to expand the program, Beard tells us that “While there have been no surveys to directly access angler use of the fish attractors or to otherwise evaluate their effectiveness, by all indications the program is well received and a number of anglers have reported to have been successful when fishing these structures.”

Each of the Lake Murray fish attractors is submerged and tethered to buoy. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources reminds all Lake Murray fishing enthusiasts to avoid anchoring near them. Anchors can become tangled, potentially causing damage to both the boat and buoy. 

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