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Tony Posted: 6/13/2007 8:39:36 AM
Subject:Scuba Diving on Lake Murray?

Is scuba diving allowed on all of the lake?,,,certain parts?,,,,or not at all ? Question asked by certified dive master(#185550 PADI) as well as master scuba diver...can provide all I.D. required and also willing to sign a liabilty relase form... Thanks Tony

rwilliams100 Posted: 8/24/2007 12:10:46 PM
Subject:Scuba Diving on Lake Murray?

I know that it is allowed because I have done it several times and I have talked to a dive shop in Columbia about it.  I am actually trying to find out how to locate a submerged bridge in Lake Murray that should be a great dive site.  It is a huge steel structure that is about 60-80 feet tall and maybe a couple hundred feet long in about 150 feet of water.  I've heard that it is marked with a bouy, but I haven't tried to find it myself.  If anyone can verify that there is a bouy and tell me where to find it I would appreciate it.  Thanks.

cgvmer Posted: 9/12/2007 4:16:05 PM
Subject:Scuba Diving on Lake Murray?

Is there shore diving or do you have to rent a boat?

scubasquirrel007 Posted: 4/17/2009 2:16:13 PM
Subject:Scuba Diving on Lake Murray?

Been diving lake murray since 4-07 never had a problem the worst danger is the boaters unawareness of what a dive flag means.
You can walk in at the lexington side of the damn at a swimming area , but a boat will get you access to better things.The brigde bouy is still there but has some prop damage (2-17-09) its between goat island and bomb (lunch) island. I am presently attaching  bouys to other things of intrest  as the season allows. check out Lake Murray Diving on facebook for info.

motive140 Posted: 4/14/2010 7:35:35 PM
Subject:Scuba Diving on Lake Murray?

E.A.I. are you out there?