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Thomas Posted: 6/11/2007 7:53:10 AM
Subject:Who is in charge of Buoys DNR or SCE&G?

Who is in charge of the Buoys on Lake Murray? Is it the DNR or SCE&G? I need a 'no wake' buoy in my cove.

1skijunky Posted: 6/20/2011 1:23:04 PM
Subject:Who is in charge of Buoys DNR or SCE&G?

You have a very good question, and the answer is both.  SCE&G posted and paid for most of the navigation and hazard markers.  DNR has provided some as well.  But, most  were purchased by SCE&G and are to mark things that SCE&G wants boaters to be awear of.  
 However, if you are wanting to have your cove made into a "No Wake Zone" you will need to contact DNR and get it approved.   But, not much chance of that happening; based on SC waterway laws your cove would have to be less than 100 feet wide and SCE&G along with DNR will most likely require you have all property owners in the affected area in agreement to making it a no wake area.    If you look around Lake Murray you will quickly find that "No Wake Zones" are primarily used for speed controll around high traffic areas, bridges, and marinas.   

The " " are used in jest, as we all know that none of those that live inside the no wake zone adhere to it, but they always raise h--l when other don't. 

Paula Posted: 8/11/2014 5:21:46 AM
Subject:Who is in charge of Buoys DNR or SCE&G?

Has anyone successfully gotten a no wake buoy in their cove?